An Outstanding Reputation Based on a Tradition of Expertise


ioneer custom designs, manufactures, services and repairs fluid film babbitt bearings and seals to keep large rotating equipment operating more efficiently and reliably over an extended life.

Our experience since 1920 includes:

  • Engineering trouble-shooting and analysis, repair and service, and manufacturing babbitt bearings for turbine and generators operating in nuclear power stations in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Korea and South America;
  • Turnkey custom-designed and manufactured large vertical guide and thrust bearings to solve problems in older existing machinery and new equipment at hydroelectric plants in North America;
  • Our proprietaryFluid Pivot® technology for tilting pad radial babbitt bearingsfor high speed lightly loaded rotating machinery or, in larger sizes and in the “JS” configuration, as an ideal solution for a steady rest bearing or any application requiring superior bearing dynamic alignment;
  • Providing manufacturing and repair services to the U.S. Navy and its major subcontractors since World War II, for nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines, frigates, destroyers and the Navy’s newest class: the Littoral Combat Ships (The Freedom variant)
  • Qualified by the marine divisions of GE and Westinghouse Electric in 1956.

由于我们长寿和许可关爱的关系r the years with OEMs of power turbines and generators, in addition to our extensive experience with General Electric marine and power generation bearings, we have more experience with anyone in the industry in North America repairing and servicing bearings designed by:

Westinghouse Electric ABB • BBC
Siemens Alstom

We are a licensee of:

  • Siemens Energy, Inc. (USA; since 1989), covering Westinghouse and Siemens bearing designs
  • General Electric Technologies, GmbH (Switzerland; since 1993), covering ABB, Alstom, BBC bearing designs)
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Supporting Power Producers and OEMs for 100 Years


We have provided engineering analysis & technical services on site at nuclear power plants in North America, South America, Asia and Europe, assisting OEM field service engineers and power plant maintenance personnel.

Engineering and Technical Field Services

Beyond the scope of our normal engineering work for customers in our plant, we perform a wide variety of on-site technical services.


First-rate manufacturing has been a hallmark of Pioneer’s accomplishments and the primary way we grew our business. For more than half a century, we’ve manufactured bearings for OEMs and end users of large land-based and offshore rotating equipment and the U.S. Navy.

We manufacture bearings for OEMs.

Over the past 15 years an increasing percentage of production is devoted to our own designs, including our Fluid Pivot®JC and JS tilting pad journal bearings


Pioneer Motor Bearing operates one of the leading fluid film bearing repair services in the U.S. and Canada. Our service and repair department is the longest running non-OEM bearing repair service in North America for industrial, power generation and marine customers.

Market-leading Standard & Expedited Bearing Repair Services

Pioneer has repaired more bearings than any other non-OEM bearing business on our Continent. We’ve repaired radial and thrust bearing assemblies of all kinds and styles for automobile engines, industrial equipment, and commercial marine.


  • Founded in 1920, still under the same family ownership & management.
  • Engineers specializing in rotordynamics and fluid film bearings & seals
  • The market leading bearing repair & upgrade service in North America
  • Serving OEMs and end users with a full spectrum of bearing-related services.
  • The experts in bearings designed by Alstom Power, serving now as the licensee of General Electric Technologies GmbH. GE is the successor in interest to the exclusive 1993 Alstom-Pioneer license agreement for the use of ABB, Alstom, BBI drawings and specifications for the repair and refurbishment direct for end users of certain turbine and generator fluid film bearings.
  • The senior bearing repair U.S. licensee of Siemens Energy, Inc. for large steam & combustion turbine-generators.
  • Babbitt bearing repair training
  • Babbitt Bearing repair company